Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to have your questions about coaching answered before you start working with a coach. Know what you want to get out of coaching, and if the answers below don’t fit your questions, please contact me.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching is primarily future focused – reaching your goals!  It’s said that therapy moves the client from dysfunctional to functional, while coaching moves the client from functional to optimal.  Coaches believe that the client’s answers come from within.  While the majority of my clients doubt this fact at first, they soon realize that reaching their goals comprises a blend of their experiences, their intelligence, their intuition, and their harnessed energy.

Can my coach offer me advice, if I am stuck?

Great coaches ask insightful and empowering questions that largely will move clients through their blocks.  That said, coaches can provide information that is helpful to the client attaining their goal.

How long is a typical coaching engagement?

This answer largely depends on what the client wants to work on and how frequently they want to meet.  Generally, many attempts have been made by clients to reach goals on their own, before a coach is called.  Some goals are attainable relatively quickly, while others take time.  My clients start with a minimum of three months of partnering with me as their coach so that we can assess the current situation, clearly lay out the desired outcome and then work quickly and intently on reaching that goal.

What types of assessments are used in the coaching process?

I generally start engagements with two assessments:

1). A multi-rater feedback assessment (also known as 360 feedback). This allows my client to see themselves through others’ eyes – their manager, their peers, and their direct reports

2). Energy Leadership Index.  This assesses the energetic DNA of the client and accelerates the coaching process, reducing the time it takes to get to results.

If a company sponsors my coaching, how confidential is the coaching process?  Do they get reports on our activity?

The process between coach and client is completely confidential.  While the corporate sponsor may articulate goals for the client, the relationship between client and coach stays just between the two.  The best coaching can only be done when there are high levels of trust between coach and client, nurtured through confidentiality.

What kinds of assignments will I need to complete?

Each session will result in work being done by a client between sessions.  The work varies by client and what their goals are.  For clients looking to increase their overall capabilities as a leader, I use the Energy Leadership Development System which highlights the following key areas:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Dynamic Communication
  • Influencing and Engaging Others
  • Problem Solving
  • Productivity and Decision Making
  • High Energy Relationships
  • Health and Wellness
  • Time Management and Balance

What questions do you have?  Please feel free to contact me, and I will respond immediately.