Women’s Leadership Coaching

Women's Leadership

Coach Evan Roth working with women leaders.

I recognize that it is uncommon as a male executive coach to feature women’s leadership offerings. I have benefitted from an economic system and corporate structures that favor my gender.  I also realize that my male bias cannot be changed – however, I can increase my awareness about its effects.

I would like to see more women leaders benefit from changes to the system.

That will only happen with male involvement.  I also recognize that changes happen one step at a time – it is the only way to sustain a change.

It is important to note that I am happily married and have two grown daughters that will benefit from seeing the system change.

Individual Executive Coaching for Women Leaders

Given the work that I have done with women leaders and after 30 years in leadership in the corporate world, I believe I have a unique perspective as a male on how women reach their potential in their careers.   I offer Individual Executive Coaching for senior and high-potential women leaders.  I offer my evolving knowledge of the women’s leadership journey to all of the male leaders that I coach, given demonstration of interest.

I am also actively partnering with a number of women colleagues to effect different and improved outcomes in the workplace for women leaders.

Women’s Catalyst Network

Women's Leadership - Coach Evan Roth

Coach Evan Roth with colleague, Julie Holunga of The Women’s Catalyst Network.

The Women’s Catalyst Network is a nine month group coaching and leadership development program for 8-10 mid-career/senior women leaders that are looking for a focused, intentional approach to developing themselves for the next level of responsibility at their organizations.  With my colleague, Julie Holunga, who founded the network, we facilitate this group several times a year.  A sampling of topics includes:

  • Getting Out of Your Own Way
  • Utilizing Strong Language
  • Building Confidence
  • Reframing Perspectives
  • Building Relationship Capital

Participants have pre-work and post-meeting homework that align with action learning sessions and the group coaching experience.  Meetings are held in downtown Denver, CO, USA.

We also offer this powerful program internally for both mid-size and large corporations as well as for professional services firms.

For further information, please see the following link on Julie’s website.

Women’s Leadership Groups

Pat Schaeffer

Pat Schaeffer

Dr. Carol Mitchell

Dr. Carol Mitchell

In my last corporate executive role, I co-created a Women’s Leadership Forum with an accomplished group of women Steering Committee members.  I would be delighted to co-create this kind of group again for companies that are serious and committed about advancing women’s leadership.

Learn more about Pat and Carol at
Talent Strategy Partners.





Additional Partnerships

Belinda Brown, CEO of Equanimity Executive



I am pleased to feature women’s group coaching with my colleague and fellow iPEC graduate, Belinda Brown, who is CEO of Equanimity Executive.  Belinda’s focus on women leaders, blended with her multi-cultural expertise, allow us to reach leaders across the globe.

Learn more about Belinda Brown at Equanimity Executive.




Dr. Carrie Arnold

Dr. Carrie Arnold, Executive
Coach and Principal of the Willow Group



I am fortunate to be able to offer women’s leadership development workshops as well with my executive coaching colleague, Dr.

Carrie Arnold (Denver, CO), who does important and career changing work related to Silencing in Women Leaders.   Any organization that wants to see the potential of its women’s leaders released can benefit from this workshop.

Visit The Willow Group website.