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Corporate leaders want a resource who has lived in their world and “been there, done that”. I’ve led companies, managed P & Ls, been on both the buy and sell side of mergers and acquisitions, executed reductions in staff, and experienced the thrill of closing deals. After 30 years in senior roles in the corporate world, such as CFO, CLO, and General Manager, I can readily identify with the challenges and opportunities that leaders face.

“I abide by the formula that Performance = Potential – Interference. When working with my clients, we explore both possibility and opportunity in the quest for individual, team or organizational potential, while working on reducing or eliminating what gets in the way of great performance.”
Evan Roth

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The corporate world can be a place where energy gets systemically depleted. In fact, 85% of the world lives in “catabolic energy”, where stress, limiting beliefs, and negative thinking pervade the organizational culture. I know countless corporate leaders that are struggling with workplace demands, not realizing that solutions are around the corner and attainable. By working with me as your executive coach, I can help you shift your energy to work for you (otherwise known as “anabolic energy”) to help you see new opportunities, new possibilities, and to reach your potential.

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The coaching discipline is growing with many people that call themselves coaches but are not certified as such. I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and proud member of the International Coach Federation, abiding by its ethics, standards, and guidelines. I believe that continuous learning is part of a growth mindset and have listed other certifications that represent important bodies of knowledge and practice.


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One of the best aspects of being independent is affiliating with and doing good work with really smart, capable professionals. A list of professional colleagues follows.

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Within the first month of working with Evan, I was able to achieve measurable, meaningful results.”

Bob, Global Sales Leader, Minneapolis, MN, USA

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