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Change Management

Most organizations overlook the very important discipline of change management. When the change that they hoped would happen does not occur or doesn’t “stick”, organizations can be perplexed as to why. I use proven change management models to lead organizations through change that creates a new reality and achieves desired outcomes. Relying on resources such as the Kotter change model, William Bridges transitions, and the Energy Leadership Index assessment, change no longer needs to be painful for organizations to go through. In fact, it paves the way to the future.

Leadership Development

Responsible organizations develop leaders throughout all levels of the leadership pipeline. I help organizations structure leader development initiatives so that high potential leaders are assessed, “ready now” leaders are developed, and succession plans can be real. Leader development is paired with coaching to enhance the leader development process.


Organizations can struggle with getting “the next idea” to further diversify revenue streams, create new products, or enter new markets. I lead group ideation sessions that inspire new ideas from participants so ideas can later be analyzed, evaluated, and implemented. Additionally, I utilize a 9 box assessment that plots participants on a creativity and risk-taking grid, so that everyone has a meaningful role in the innovation process.

Culture Development

It is said that culture trumps strategy and I can personally testify to it. Few organizations would admit to the truth of that statement, but culture is extremely powerful in terms of determining organizational results. I help organizations to understand the drivers of their culture and the personality of their organization, so that they can leverage their culture into an asset to generate results. For those organizations wanting a cultural shift, I help leaders to identify their cultural ideal and take the necessary steps to make the cultural shift.

Employee Engagement

Much has been written about the power of employee engagement and its connection to positive organizational outcomes. Forward thinking organizations know that to harness the power of the employee base, highly engaged employees are essential. I help organizations to construct the employee engagement survey questions, conduct the survey, interpret the results, and build action plans. The key to success in employee engagement is to show employees that they are heard and that action is taken based on findings from the surveys.

Strategy Development

Strategic choice can be a lost discipline in an age of corporate attention deficit disorder. I help organizations to build and articulate their strategies. Relying on Michael Porter’s quintessential Harvard Business Review article “What is Strategy”, I help clients identify trade-offs and choices essential to a sound strategy. Through challenging questions and inquiry developed from my coaching practice, I help organizations to “acid test” their strategy for reality testing, achievability, consensus, and competitive edge.

Post Merger/Acquisition Integration

I have been on the “buy” as well as the “sell” side of many business transactions. Typically where mergers and acquisitions fail is in the integration phase. The visionaries that painted the picture of a combined organization are generally not the same leaders that execute on integration plans that are synergistic and achieve efficiencies. I help organizations to align goals, anticipate problem integration areas, marry up cultural attributes, and work through the change associated with integration.

Meeting Facilitation

I facilitate board and executive retreats and meetings to gain the most productivity from everyone’s time together.  Many leaders want to participate in their meetings vs. directing the meetings themselves. Having someone from outside of the company to assist and be objective can allow full participation from everyone in the meeting.

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