Got Energy?

The corporate world can be a place where energy gets systemically depleted. In fact, 85% of the world lives in “catabolic energy”, where stress, limiting beliefs, and negative thinking pervade the organizational culture. I know countless corporate leaders that are struggling with workplace demands, not realizing that solutions are around the corner and attainable. By working with me as your executive coach, I can help you shift your energy to work for you (otherwise known as “anabolic energy”) not only in the workplace, but also in other areas of your life.

At the beginning of the coaching relationship, virtually all of my clients are not aware of their own energy levels – when they act or think like victims or when their behaviors are rooted in an internal or external conflict. These catabolic energy levels can keep us from living life fully, seeing all aspects of life as opportunities, and can preclude us from reaching our full potential, both professionally and personally.

The GREAT news is that it does not need to be that way! I will introduce you to methods and approaches to increase your awareness, engagement, and energy through coaching.

As an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, I’ll guide you through a proprietary assessment that reveals your energetic DNA. With that knowledge, we can dramatically shorten the time to results – and for a busy executive like you, I know that is worth a lot.

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Within the first month of working with Evan, I was able to achieve measurable, meaningful results.

Specifically the awareness created by our conversations and his proven process resulted in taking responsibility for my priorities, my attitude and my emotional state. Just realizing what influences my decisions has helped improve them in the office, on the road and at home with family.

The most stunning evolution as I look back at the process is how several areas of frustration that dominated my thoughts a year ago have totally evaporated.

Far from being “fluffy” managerial one-liners or some “rah, rah” feel good motivation that fades quickly, Evan and I were able to integrate the coaching relationship directly into my business strategy, performance metrics and direct reports’ development plans.

Evan’s methodology is now central to how my team sets, achieves and reflects on goals. The results have been amazing — largest orders ever for the company, entirely new sources of revenue, increased resources allocated to our team, increased engagement by our customers. And it actually feels effortless, because it is fun.

Bob, Global Sales Leader, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Evan has been a great guide to me. At a time when I was at a crossroads professionally, I got connected to him through a common friend of ours and thereafter there was no looking back. Be it in dealing with under-performing subordinates or dealing with difficult customers, he taught me to look at situations from completely new perspectives. As a coach, he showed me the value of questioning techniques and the value of introspection.

His genial demeanour,  patient listening, and ability to make himself stand by me for support is what always gave me the courage to talk to and ask questions to him without any inhibition or discomfort. A discussion with him at any time made me feel rejuvenated and emerge from darkness to a point where I could see the end of the tunnel. What I liked the most about him is that he never undermined my apprehensions, always acknowledged my fear and yet made me see solutions to them through discussions with him.

Interacting with him is always fun, enjoyable, and fruitful.

Nilakshi, Director, Mumbai, India

I honestly thought I was in a pretty good place as a business leader – successful on the surface, all the best ingredients for happiness. Through thoughtful conversations, the right questions and meaningful coaching, Evan has helped me understand the obstacles I’m putting in front of myself – obstacles which are preventing me from living an abundant life. His style is non-judgmental but exact, warm but determined. Every session with Evan has helped me feel more self-aware and more deliberate in my actions in the world – he challenges me to think bigger, broader. Don’t be fooled – as in the traditional sense of “coach,” Evan doesn’t do the work for you, but instead helps you walk to the beginning of the staircase, take the first step and then is there with you as you climb. The experience has been a freeing if you will, an awakening – this from a woman who thought she was pretty darn awake already. My highest recommendation goes to Evan. Talk to him.

Carrie, Senior Director, Denver, CO, USA